From zero to No.1

DPLUS Tires went from zero to becoming the biggest tire company in Vietnam in 45 years.

DPLUS are a brands of Danang Rubber Joint Stock Company, which is a member of King Tire Vietnam Group owned by the Vietnamese Government. The company was created from an American army retreading factory and has been managed by King Tire Vietnam since its establishment in 1975. The company’s experienced and dynamic board of management has contributed to its success, along with its team of expert, creative, and professional engineers and management staff who have studied overseas for further training and have many years of service at the company.

Why Choose DPLUS Tires?

DPLUS tires are known for their high performance on heavy load, high abrasion resistance, long endurance, and good warranty service. The company offers light truck tires with a range of sizes suitable for 24 to 35 seat buses, light trucks, and other dump trucks below 5 tons, as well as heavy truck tires with many sizes conforming to trucks and dump trucks above 5 tons or more. DPLUS also offers super heavy-duty tires with rim sizes from 24 to 51 inches, serving for agriculture tractors, container giant cranes, reach stackers in ports, motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, and special mining equipment. Retreaded tires bring economic benefits to customers with cheap prices but performance is similar to standard tires. Additionally, bicycle and motorcycle tires are also available and have been improved over the years to meet customers’ preferences and exported to many countries.

Strong Distribution Global Network

DPLUS Tires have built a strong distribution network in Vietnam nationwide and distribution global network in over 70 countries. The company’s distributors have good links and cooperation for common development and long-term relationships. Many Vietnamese customers trust DRC/DPLUS tire products such as Truong Hai Automobile Company, Hyundai Motor Company, TMT Company, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group, and many transport and coach companies all over the country. After Vietnam joined the WTO, DRC/DPLUS Tires have been sold to more than 60 countries and became the rank 1 Vietnam tire. The company has many overseas strong trustful customers in Asia, South America, the US, and Europe and aims to extend and scale up its distribution global network.

DPLUS Tire’s Achievements

DPLUS Tires is the only Vietnam tire manufacturer with full safety certificates, including DOT, JIS, EU Lable, E4, E-Mark, and more, suitable for all country requirements, and full of QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: CCC, GCC, CE, ISO, ECC, ECE, SNI, SASO, and NOM certificates. With its flexibility and creativity, DRC has created a competitive advantage in the market. The company has achieved high and constant growth over the years and currently leads the top market share of truck tires in Vietnam. DPLUS’s brand has been voted and awarded prizes as Vietnam Gold Star, Vietnam High-Quality Goods, Vietnam Strong Brand, and awarded many Labor medals by the Government. In December 2006, DRC was officially listed on the stock market with stock code DRC (Hose:DRC). The company’s global sales exceeded $850 million in 2019, with a growth rate over 34% per year, and employs over 2300 people. DRC has twice been awarded the “National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology” in Vietnam for innovative tire designs.

Business Strategy of DPLUS Tires

DPLUS Tires always update and develop information about machinery and equipment to invest in improving the quality of products. The production line is invested with many modern machines. The company has developed a distribution network throughout Vietnam, appearing in all cities and provinces of the country. The company’s focus on quality tires is a guideline for its business, and it builds policies for customer and distributor protection, such as sales policy, warranty policy, and return policy. DPLUS Tires always keep a close and long-term relationship with distributors, always ready to support, advise, and receive feedback from customers through multiple channels 24/7, including hotline, email, web, and Facebook fan page. The company also encourages all customers to visit its factories to create trust and cohesion towards long-term cooperation.

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