Most advanced Equipment and Cutting-edge technology in DRC

DRC Tire is committed to investing in and updating new technology and equipment to ensure the quality of its tires. At the DRC factory, the production procedure is synchronized with many new types of machinery, such as the 270-liter mixing line, which is fully automatic and supports rubber compound with the finest quality. The extruders used in the factory are imported from countries in the EU, such as Germany, Holland, and Russia, which create rubber compound with high quality enabling tread with high abrasion resistance and performance.

The tire drum in the factory uses high technology to ensure the distribution of tire structure equally, which ensures heavy load and safety. The tire press system is also automatic, controlling the timing of vulcanization and meeting the technical properties of the tires. The tires are tested on balancing machines, endurance machines, and X-ray machines to eliminate all defects. Only qualified products that meet the quality standards are stamped with a warranty sticker before they go to market.

DRC Tire always puts safety first and foremost at every stage of development, including during the research and development phase. The company has identified three core elements: safety, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, in the manufacturing of tires in Vietnam, DRC Tire always ensures that these three elements are included.

In summary, DRC Tire is committed to using the latest technology and equipment to produce high-quality tires while prioritizing safety, convenience, and environmental friendliness. The company’s investment in research and development and its commitment to quality assurance are evident in the production process at its factory.

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